Agaete (and a walk to Guayedra Beach)

Ok! It’s the time!

In this post I’ll share some informations about the amazing town of Agaete, one of the most interesting places on the island, on my opinion! If (or when) you decide to pass from here, spend at least a week around this area, there are such many things to see!

Let’s start from the road, as always. You can arrive easily from the Airport following GC1 and GC2, in one hour. I suggest to ride along the coast, even if there are shortly roads passing through the pueblos, but from the north seaside in the shiny days you can enjoy a wonderful view of the beach and Tenerife on the horizon. Better this than driving through fields, sometimes…

Schermata 2017-07-23 alle 16.00.37

So, once in Agaete you can park in the free spaces after the round on the right side of the centre: cross the small bridge and you’ll find them. And you can spend the first hours enjoying the town, eating a good “bocadillo especial” that will give you the energy for the day! Three must-to-see places here: Iglesia Matriz de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción, the Botanic Garden, and Necropolis de Maipes.
It’s a very short walk, but watch out for the sun… bring always your protection, especially for visiting the Necropolis.

Schermata 2017-07-23 alle 16.10.29

Let me spend two words more about Agaete, and its history…

Historically known as a farm-and-fish town, Agaete changed its face so much in the last 20 years, for the increasing of tourism and the characteristics of the area that allowed other kind of businesses for living. Nowadays there are more restaurants than ants, but you’ll always feel a very nice lifestyle and ambient. In Agaete Valley there’s the only farm in Europe where coffee is produced and exported, that is now an academy called Finca Los Castaños! You can take a look to their website, it’s interesting because they offers the possibility to have some tours inside so… just pick up the phone and call!
Cafe Valle de Agaete – Website – Tours

Instead, if you decide to spend a sea day, you will be invited from the waiters to sit at the table during your walk, but only in the beach area of Puerto de las Nieves. And I really suggest to follow their suggestion because the fish plates here are amazing! Here you can also take a look to the Dedo de Dios, the famous “Finger of God”!

Ups, I said you can…

Sorry, the rock known as Finger of God found it way back to the ground during a tremendous Tsunami, that destroyed it in 2005. Many times there were petitions to rebuilt the rock artificially, but until now there was no possibility to do it.
However, it remains an excellent restaurant that brings the same name “Dedo de Dios” and I really suggest you to ask there for the local paella… maybe you won’t see its finger, but at least you can eat as God!

The beach of Puerto de las Nieves is made of stones, but there are some plazoletas made of wood where you can lie comfortably. You can also decide to walk along the seaside, and you will find some sculptures and sport gears. Most of this, you will find out the Salinas! It’s a natural swimming pool, divided in three parts which are connected by volcanic tunnels, repaired from the open sea and so perfect for a quiet bath with the kids. The view from here is amazing, and surely you’ll be impressed.

Schermata 2017-07-23 alle 16.31.48

On the other side of the town there’s the botanic garden “Jardin de las Flores” with an incredible variety of exotic plant species. In the past it was a meeting place for the famous local poets Tomás Morales, Saulo Torón and Alonso Quesada.
The highest area of Agaete is also included in the Tamadaba Natural Park, that is a protected zone of the island that takes almost all the West coast.

It arrived the moment for a good route!

Guayedra Beach is a spectacular place that you can reach in a couple of hour, more or less. It’s not so difficult to arrive, despite some guides tell this story… but it’s because there are different paths. I’ll suggest you the easy one!

Schermata 2017-07-23 alle 16.40.06.png

This is the starting place: along the GC200, on the right you’ll arrive to Puerto las Nieves, on the left you go on until La Aldea… instead, you can park the car and walk the middle road! Yes, go up the hill and on for half an hour! It’s the path to the hill opposite the beach, so from up there you will have the complete view of the touristic area, and probably you will recognize the restaurant where you’ve been a couple of hours before!

This will be your road, up the hill, following the asphalt road, then off road again to go down to the sea level. I’ll guide you step by step.

Schermata 2017-07-23 alle 16.42.59

Follow the white road on the hill until you reach the car road, then just go on. Don’t look for other improvised paths, or any cartel you can see… some of them are old roads, some others are just for goats and lizards.

Instead, it’s very easier to arrive to this bus stop of Global 101.

Schermata 2017-07-23 alle 16.49.31

And once you are there, just follow the path that goes down. Follow the red car.

Schermata 2017-07-23 alle 16.50.04

Take all your time you need to do this walk because there are no shadows for all the road, so bring water, food, energy drinks – vodka-redbull is not one of them! – and be prepared. You will walk along the path that starts on the red point in this shoot and following the hill on the left.

Schermata 2017-07-23 alle 16.54.14

A view from the other side, because when you arrive at this point you have to go down until the sea level, from there you can decide where to stop: the first beach doesn’t offer a lot of comfortable places to lie down, but it’s perfect if you have brought some beach chairs! Otherwise, you can walk a few minutes more and having an amazing surprise on the main beach, that is also considered a naturist zone.

Schermata 2017-07-23 alle 16.55.29

I’d like to write just a couple of considerations more about this path from Puerto de las Nieves to the Beach of Guayedra, because I could spend pages and pages trying to explain the magnificent of what you will see, but it’s unbelievably better if you write your own story!

So, quickly…
Pros: It’s an incredible walking, with a few difficult. The nature here is amazing.
Cons: It could be a little bit windy and sometimes there are bees on the beach.

There are more beaches around here, of course. The names of them will sound you for sure, because they’re very famous in all the book guides. Some beaches like Faneroque, Sotavento, El Risco… I’ll write more about that places, but for the moment just two-three tips.

The Beach of Sotavento is a naturist beach of rocks and sand… more rocks than sand to be honest. The only entrance is from the same path along the Guayedra Valley, but at the end you have tu turn left instead of going to the right. If the sea allows you to do it, pay attention to the sea always, ask informations before could be a good idea.

The Beach of Faneroque is wonderful, it’s one of the best examples of what the nature can do in this Earth in a mix of wild and comfortable ambient that offers you a whole day of peace. Pay attention in order not to rest in peace too much here, anyway… the “elders” consider this beach as the sword of Damocles. The sea here is very strong and the high tide can give you a very bad awakening: it’s not rare that helicopters have to intervene to rescue the people trapped on the beach.

On the contrary, El Risco is a very “easy beach”… I mean that you can arrive just walking down the Risco Valley, that is very simple. You can enjoy several paths there, and even just take a look around is an amazing experience.

But it’s all for today, folks! I have to come back home!
See you next trip!


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