Adventure to Veneguera Beach (West Coast, Gran Canaria)

Talking about wonderful places that you can visit in Gran Canaria, it’s mandatory not to forget about Veneguera Beach. Soon you’ll discover why this beach is my favorite too, first on the top 10 of the best sea places here. Let’s start with some tips:

  • On the weekend it’s common to have more people in camping, so if you’re searching for quiet days on the beach it’s better to go during the week. Remember that officially is forbidden to camp there, but nobody will tell you nothing if you will sleep in your own car.
  • The road isn’t bad, but it’s better to go with a 4×4 or a high caravan. I even saw there some rented normal cars as Volksvagen, Pegeout 207 and… yes, a Fiat Panda. Italian Pride. But that’s another story, and it’s on your own risk. Personally I prefer to have the comfortable wc, bed and kitchen of my motor home Amelia: it’s a Fiat Escudo, if you’re interested in rent it you can contact me here. 🙂
  • It’s a sincere naturist beach, so don’t be shy and throw your swimsuit out. It’s nice to see groups of naked people doing yoga in the morning, families and people of all ages and speaking frankly, as a male, when you’re lied in the sun and arrives a smoothy fresh wind throw your… legs, that’s priceless.
  • Despite a long hour off-road it’s not difficult to arrive to Veneguera Beach. The point is to take this road signed by the red arrows, starting from the pueblo of Veneguera, where you can buy the last things for your days out, in the nature. There is another little road, a older and short one, but sometimes is closed and if you don’t read at the signs you could find at night in a stretch road, with absolutely no lights enough to come back driving. So… take this one.


Once you are ready, let’s go to the first step. I’m starting this trip from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, because everybody can arrive here easily. If you are already in the south of the island you can jump this part and take the instructions directly from Mogan.

From Las Palmas you have three opportunities, each one is different for views and experience new sides of this beautiful place. The blue one on the map is the “smile road“, taking the GC1 direction Maspalomas, then follow the road to Arguineguin, Puerto Rico, Taurito and Mogan. From Mogan go on following GC200 until it changes on GC206 direction Veneguera. It’s the quicker road and you’ll be there in 2 hours.

Schermata 2017-08-13 alle 16.51.23

If you take the GC1 direction Galdar it means that you’re poetic travelers and you prefer to take a look to the north coast first, so make a pit stop in places like Bañaderos, Galdar and Agaete before entering in the Tamadaba Natural Park area. From Agaete follow the road GC200 to La Hoyilla/La Aldea then Veneguera.

Third opportunity, the “middle of everything“… it means that you’re good drivers, and nobody with you suffers carsick for the curves of the road. It goes across the island of Gran Canaria going up and down the hills and you can expect roads with a lot of U curves until arrive directly to Veneguera town! If you do this road it means that you have a passion for the landscapes, maybe you’re a photographer or just you’re planning a whole week of trekking that ends with a complete relax in Veneguera. That’s fine! Here’s the instructions: from Las Palmas take GC4 to Santa Brigida, then follow to Vega de San Mateo and Roque Nublo. It’s a wonderful pit stop, where you can spend a single hour or the whole afternoon, depending by your desire and passion for the nature! I’ll dedicate to Roque Nublo another whole post, because it’s a very important point of the island of Gran Canaria. There are many places around there where you can park and stay for the night, in case, but remember that there’s a difference in Spanish Legislation between “estacionar” and “acampar”… you can discover it here. So the same day or the next one, you just have to follow GC605 direction Mogan/Veneguera, and pay attention when the road changes in GC200, because it splits in two: one direction Mogan, the other (yours) is the other, Veneguera. Before arriving to the pueblo it will change again in GC206, you can see it in the pic.

Schermata 2017-08-13 alle 17.10.34

In all these roads pay attention when GC200 changes in GC206 to go to Veneguera, you have an image here, coming from Mogan. I believe you already got the main point: if you come from the south just drive until you arrive to Mogan (from Maspalomas the same “smile road” will bring you easily!) then go on GC200 until this point, and turn left.

Schermata 2017-08-13 alle 17.31.00

The pueblo of Veneguera is very appreciated from the tourists and the locals for its quiet, folkloristic and relaxed ambient. The great interest especially in the recent years for the environmentalist and naturalist conditions of Gran Canaria made it an important flag of responsible tourism. Now it’s a important agricultural, archeological and botanical center, and I personally hope that it will never change its nature because it’s wonderful as it is.
When you arrive in the town you can find a big parking lot on the right side, close to the football fields. It deserve more than a quick look and if you aren’t vegetarian you absolutely have to eat a special typical lunch of goat meat at the bar/restaurant Los Almacicos. They’re very gentle people, offering free informations and daily menu for a very cheap price, with big plates of typical food and a friendly ambient… and as I’m not relative of them you can imagine that I’m making this good advertising just because they’ve REALLY good meals! But let’s go on to the beach, before the lunch takes too much time. You can have a sweet siesta on the seashore

Schermata 2017-08-13 alle 18.19.32

Follow this small road until arrive here, then left.

Schermata 2017-08-13 alle 18.22.24

After a few minutes you’ll have to turn right.

Schermata 2017-08-13 alle 18.25.52

From this point it’s quite easy, there’s just one road: you just have to be patient, go slowly less than 30km/h and expect half an hour or more of road made of rocks. If you meet another car in the opposite direction, don’t desperate! There are several points where you can stay on the side and let it pass. It’s nothing dangerous, just like this…

Schermata 2017-08-13 alle 18.30.29

And you will finally arrive here… Veneguera Beach! Yayyy! You’ve just drove the whole valley, so compliments! Then you can park in any free space you find in the parking lot, right at the end of the road. The last hour maybe was a little hard for the hot temperature of the West Coast, so you really deserved that beer that you DIDN’T forget to bring or buy in the town!
People that goes to Veneguera use to be very polite and respectful for the ambient, and the authorities placed some garbage cans just 20 mt before the camping area, so please don’t throw nothing on the ground. It’s also nice that sometimes the people know each other during the day at the beach and create communities for have a dinner and drink together at night. Personally, I found it more social than the networks, so don’t get angry if sometimes you find any noisy families, or dudes having a little party. We’re all faces of the same world

Schermata 2017-08-13 alle 18.17.01

As always, at the end I’d like to upload some of my photos of this trip. I wrote before that I always move across the island with my Amelia, a Fiat Escudo 2003 that I organized with everything that a human needs for a week, or more days, out of home. I found that it’s the best way to discover these places: no buses to take to arrive there, no time schedule to follow… just a road and nothing more. Hopefully it will never change, otherwise this kind of alternative tourism will stop to be interesting.
But I can assure you that Veneguera Beach will stay in the Top 10 of the Best Places of Gran Canaria for a long time, and in my personal review even more… Have a great trip!

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