Las Coloradas: a new village in the city!

The small village/district of Las Coloradas is a nice neighborhood of the city Las Palmas, located in the North of La Isleta. It receives its name from the homonymous mountain, which is also the highest peak in the city.

Schermata 2018-05-10 alle 15.18.31.png

If you watch it on the Google Maps, there is also small complex of houses just down the hill… a complex that doesn’t exist anymore, despite the map is dated 2018. The truth is that these houses were practically illegal, most of them were used just as “summer house” from the local people. In the first decade of years 2000 it also became kind of dangerous to spent the night there, and the authorities reported a large drugs market on the area. So, at the end, the Ayuntamiento decided to destroy all the place, and it’s not the first time that the locals have “problems” with the law in that place: on 12 may 2008 an article from La Provincia explains very well what happened (here’s the link, in Spanish).

Schermata 2018-05-10 alle 15.27.14.png

Practically, most of the landlords sold the fields to the actual owners around 1950-1960 but without signing any contract, or just signing a private one. In substance, nobody gave any communication of the new landlords to the Cabildo (where the register of the properties of the city) and a lot of them found out only in the last years that now they can’t sell again the property or give them in heritage, because officially the ground where the house was built is not theirs. Ten years ago, when the article reported this fact, they were more than 400 houses in this condition, more than 4000 citizens.

In any case, the neighborhood of Las Coloradas has exhausted all its possibilities of growth, even because half of La Isleta is still considered a military zone, so the access is forbidden. I already wrote about it in the article about the walking route (that is still available!), so if you’re curious, here’s a little preview!

This is the same place where the houses were located 5-6 years ago. As you can see if you follow the path until Las Coloradas district, up the hill, the small quadrangular area that exist nowadays is the only building plot that is allowed from the Govern. A part of the limitations of the territory and public property, the growth of Las Coloradas is limited also by the declaration of La Isleta as a Protected Landscape area.

The size of the neighborhood count ten thin streets that give access to fifteen blocks of houses of two floors maximum. All the actual houses were built in the second half of the 20th century, so they’re quite new, as well as the community services: school and soccer field.

Today, a lot of tourists know this place because from up here you can have the best view of the city Las Palmas and the beach of El Confital, but it’s important to add a couple of things more:
1st. From Las Coloradas you can walk on the mountain where the cross in the photos (you can’t mistake, it’s the only one!), and there you have the archaeological park Cueva del Los Canarios (Canarian Caves) where officially is forbidden the entrance, you can only watch from distance, but also where actually live some Canarian people.

I hope not to invade their privacy publishing this photo, but it’s a public place… and let’s say the truth: it would be better if the Govern give these people a proper place to live and let the history of the island be preserved without contamination. On the other hand, they can also answer: “We are the current history!” so… probably the solution is not so easy.

2nd. In Las Coloradas you will only find a couple of restaurants, but they’re both excellent for your meals! It’s rare that we do any kind of advertising on this travel blog, but these local places are a real institution so even if you’re here on Gran Canaria just for a few days of holiday, or an escaping weekend, you should try at least one of them. One is on the north side of the district, and it’s called Restaurante Mirador de Las Coloradas: very suggested for grilled meat and barbecues, not really chic but “true”. The other is on the south side and it’s a little bit more stylish: they offer every day an excellent choice of fishes, lobsters and local plates: it’s called Restaurante El Padrino, and it’s better to call for a reservation if you want to eat there in the weekend.

Here’s last two pictures took from the hill Las Coloradas; again, I’d like to say thanks to Google for the support on our activity on the island, we’re always trying to open new roads or even just to show them on the web, until our goal of alternative and responsible tourism will be complete!

Have a great walk, and enjoy Las Coloradas! 🙂

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