Villa de Moya: a rural shiny diamond

It sounds pompous, I know... but I'm trying to express the reality of an island here, with this blog, so these words are appropriate. Let's check why! 😉 The history of Moya starts as a religious and agricultural settlement all along the side of the Doramas Mountain (600 mts). The name comes from a species of … Continue reading Villa de Moya: a rural shiny diamond

Atis Tirma! (The last warrior: Bentejuì)

Let's go... backward! It's important to know a little bit of history, before coming to Canary Islands. In this historical period, the interests of the cultural council of Gran Canaria are related to the North-West of the island... where it was found not only the Painted Cave of Galdar, but a lot of rests more … Continue reading Atis Tirma! (The last warrior: Bentejuì)

The language of Canaries (Tamazight Culture)

The history of the Canarian ancient populations is still full of mystery and hidden parts. In this article, I'd like to examine more in depth the language and alphabet that they were using daily, because it's one of the most important discovery of the modern age. Recently the Govern of the Island of Gran Canaria dedicates … Continue reading The language of Canaries (Tamazight Culture)

Caldera de Bandama (a walk in the volcano)

This route will leave you breathless! It's a particular suggestion for those of you that are spending their holidays in Las Palmas, or even in the south of Gran Canaria, but decide for one day to stay out of the crowd and the shouts on the beach. It's a little treasure that Gran Canaria offers … Continue reading Caldera de Bandama (a walk in the volcano)

The “Circle Road” of North-West (Gáldar, Puerto de Sardina and Mount Amagro)

This is a route for one day, but if you've time enough it's better to take a van and enjoy some days more... So wherever you're having your holidays on Gran Canaria it will be easy for you to reach the town of Gáldar, in the North West. Maybe you're staying in Las Palmas and … Continue reading The “Circle Road” of North-West (Gáldar, Puerto de Sardina and Mount Amagro)

Our low-prices list!

Vehicles are sponsored by Moustache Van. CAMPERVAN "PAMPURIO" (The Donkey) 1.9 TDI Diesel Fiat Ducato 1991, with Granduca Home. 1 to 4 people. 80 €/day      from 1 to 6 days. 70 €/day      from 7 to 13 days. 60 €/day      from 14 to 31 days. MOTORHOME "AMELIA" (The Witch) 1.9 … Continue reading Our low-prices list!

Spanish Laws for Parking: “Estacionar o Acampar”?

It's very important to understand what you CAN or you CAN'T do with your car according to the Spanish Legislation. For example, I'm talking about where you can park in the cities like Las Palmas: blue lines (you have to pay at the cashier), green lines (online subscribe here, only for residents) and white lines … Continue reading Spanish Laws for Parking: “Estacionar o Acampar”?

Adventure to Veneguera Beach (West Coast, Gran Canaria)

Talking about wonderful places that you can visit in Gran Canaria, it's mandatory not to forget about Veneguera Beach. Soon you'll discover why this beach is my favorite too, first on the top 10 of the best sea places here. Let's start with some tips: On the weekend it's common to have more people in … Continue reading Adventure to Veneguera Beach (West Coast, Gran Canaria)

Agaete (and a walk to Guayedra Beach)

Ok! It's the time! In this post I'll share some informations about the amazing town of Agaete, one of the most interesting places on the island, on my opinion! If (or when) you decide to pass from here, spend at least a week around this area, there are such many things to see! Let's start … Continue reading Agaete (and a walk to Guayedra Beach)

Roque Nublo – Agaete (the Lakes Road)

This route is absolutely one of the most precious of the island of Gran Canaria. I decided to start from Roque Nublo, the sacred rock that we have in the exact centre because it's a well-known place, and it's so easy to arrive there from every point of the island, from north to south. Several … Continue reading Roque Nublo – Agaete (the Lakes Road)