Tirma, the island princess (1954): Gran Canaria in cinemas

Ok, first thing to say (and it's not a spoiler alert): don't expect a historical movie! ūüôā A part this first important specification, let's go to see what happened in 1954 when director Paolo Moffa (already known as assistant director and documentarist since year 1934) decided to write the screenplay for Tirma - La Principessa … Continue reading Tirma, the island princess (1954): Gran Canaria in cinemas

The Four Doors Cave! (Telde, Gran Canaria)

While you're going to Mount Bermeja, located in the south of the town of Telde, you'll find a complex of caves, probably the most emblematic of the island of Gran Canaria for its singularity and location. The words "Four Doors" in spanish are translated as "Cuatro Puertas" and it's the same name for both the … Continue reading The Four Doors Cave! (Telde, Gran Canaria)

Cenobio de Valer√≥n: the Canarian “Caves Monastery”

The name¬†Cenobio de Valer√≥n it's used to define the entire¬†system of caves that you can find 600 meters inside the northern coast of San Felipe, along the road GC-291 (this point on G Maps, it's very easy to arrive from both Galdar or Las Palmas). The site overlooks the San Felipe ravine, crossed over by … Continue reading Cenobio de Valer√≥n: the Canarian “Caves Monastery”

The Origins of Gran Canaria

According to the description of Leonardo Torriani in¬†"Descrizione e Storia del Regno delle Isole Canarie" (1588) the island of Gran Canaria in the past it was so fertile and abundant of goods that it was enough to sustain almost sixty thousand souls in such a small space of land, without any help from another place. … Continue reading The Origins of Gran Canaria

Buenlugar, in Firgas! A name, a meaning…

Buenlugar, aka "Nice place" in Spanish! Here's why this little town of 779 habitants (2009) is a must-to-see place in Gran Canaria! First things to know: Buenlugar it's located in the north of the island, in the jurisdiction of Firgas, and it's divided in the district of¬†Buenlugar,¬†Itara¬†and La Pamilla. You can easily get here from … Continue reading Buenlugar, in Firgas! A name, a meaning…

Atis Tirma! (The last warrior: Benteju√¨)

Let's go... backward! It's important to know a little bit of history, before coming to Canary Islands. In this historical period, the interests of the cultural council of Gran Canaria are related to the North-West of the island... where it was found not only the Painted Cave of Galdar, but a lot of rests more … Continue reading Atis Tirma! (The last warrior: Benteju√¨)

The language of Canaries (Tamazight Culture)

The history of the Canarian ancient populations is still full of mystery and hidden parts. In this article, I'd like to examine more in depth the language and alphabet¬†that they were using daily, because it's one of the most important discovery of the modern age. Recently the Govern of the Island of Gran Canaria dedicates … Continue reading The language of Canaries (Tamazight Culture)