This blog is created to help those travelers who decide to spend time in the wonderful island of Gran Canaria and try something completely different from what they expected… thanks to complete routes for local areas, articles with the most beautiful hidden beaches, tips for the best places where to sleep and pure sides.

I always try to live a life full of experiences, with feelings for the places as a curious kid; if you also think that a melting pot with the nature is the best way, that meeting new people makes half of a travel, then we’re on the right way.  So let’s make a route, and go together to find out new adjectives from the local culture to tell what you’ve seen, with a positive result: being able to transmit them… that’s the goal.

You can wake up every day in a different city as the first time, then explore the neighborhood with the people from the town and taste the typical foods; here you can find you perfect beach and share tips for the next step. The favorable climate of the Canary Islands makes it the ideal place for holidays, but also for romantic getaways; it’s not difficult to advertise it. But here I try most of all to give a sense of discovery to your journey. With my suggestions and posts on this travel blog I hope to create an efficient way of sharing that you can mix with more possibility that GPS and technology gift us!
Then it can takes days, weeks, months or years to come out again but I believe this experience will donate you the curiosity and the desire to restart your route.

A part of my direct experience, here are the main sources for my articles:
Wikipedia.org – Mi Gran CanariaGoogle MapsCabildo de Gran CanariaGC Turismo