This blog has the claim to become a useful help for all those travelers that decide to spent some days/weeks/months in the wonderful island of Gran Canaria.

I always tried to have a life full of experiences, studying what I love and working to live (not the contrary!)… Traveling was the most interesting way to do that. Those of you who had this chance know what I mean: the life changes its routine and colors, it becomes wild and you find new energy. After a while, you’ll already have that look of who has seen the most beautiful seas and the windswept hills, flown on the top of a mountain and then down to the valley again… You will have great stories to tell, looking at the face of the people with that knowledge and experience that made them curious. And you will just have the desire to restart your route.

Too much deep and philosophical? I don’t think so.
We all feel the sensation of discovery, and we’re all amazed by a new place especially if we drove to that. We are humans and we enjoy the exploration…

So breath, and take a look to some photos, while I’ll start writing this blog.