Caldera de Los Marteles, the quiet volcano

On the island of Gran Canaria it isn't always easy to define the geological era in which certain events have developed and rise the places as we know today... but in the case of the Crater de Los Marteles we know that it's quite recent, less than a million years, and that was originated from … Continue reading Caldera de Los Marteles, the quiet volcano

La Isleta: the beautiful labyrinth!

Welcome to Gran Canaria! If you're just arrived in the city, and you're on this page, it means that maybe you'd like to know something more of what you have around! 😉 Well, the island of Gran Canaria is a perfect place to explore and discover new cultures and lifestyles. But if you don't have … Continue reading La Isleta: the beautiful labyrinth!

The Origins of Gran Canaria

According to the description of Leonardo Torriani in "Descrizione e Storia del Regno delle Isole Canarie" (1588) the island of Gran Canaria in the past it was so fertile and abundant of goods that it was enough to sustain almost sixty thousand souls in such a small space of land, without any help from another place. … Continue reading The Origins of Gran Canaria