Las Coloradas: a new village in the city!

The small village/district of Las Coloradas is a nice neighborhood of the city Las Palmas, located in the North of La Isleta. It receives its name from the homonymous mountain, which is also the highest peak in the city. If you watch it on the Google Maps, there is also small complex of houses just … Continue reading Las Coloradas: a new village in the city!

Atis Tirma! (The last warrior: Bentejuì)

Let's go... backward! It's important to know a little bit of history, before coming to Canary Islands. In this historical period, the interests of the cultural council of Gran Canaria are related to the North-West of the island... where it was found not only the Painted Cave of Galdar, but a lot of rests more … Continue reading Atis Tirma! (The last warrior: Bentejuì)