La Isleta: the beautiful labyrinth!

Welcome to Gran Canaria! If you're just arrived in the city, and you're on this page, it means that maybe you'd like to know something more of what you have around! 😉 Well, the island of Gran Canaria is a perfect place to explore and discover new cultures and lifestyles. But if you don't have … Continue reading La Isleta: the beautiful labyrinth!

Adventure to Veneguera Beach (West Coast, Gran Canaria)

Talking about wonderful places that you can visit in Gran Canaria, it's mandatory not to forget about Veneguera Beach. Soon you'll discover why this beach is my favorite too, first on the top 10 of the best sea places here. Let's start with some tips: On the weekend it's common to have more people in … Continue reading Adventure to Veneguera Beach (West Coast, Gran Canaria)

Agaete (and a walk to Guayedra Beach)

Ok! It's the time! In this post I'll share some informations about the amazing town of Agaete, one of the most interesting places on the island, on my opinion! If (or when) you decide to pass from here, spend at least a week around this area, there are such many things to see! Let's start … Continue reading Agaete (and a walk to Guayedra Beach)