Maspalomas: the easiest holiday in Gran Canaria!

With one of the most advanced web portals on the island, the Maspalomas area wins by right the "tourist award" of the entire island: it's a huge square of land of 1060 hectares (to compare, think that the Botanical Garden of Gran Canaria is just 10 hectares) in which in May 2015 passed and had … Continue reading Maspalomas: the easiest holiday in Gran Canaria!

The Origins of Gran Canaria

According to the description of Leonardo Torriani in "Descrizione e Storia del Regno delle Isole Canarie" (1588) the island of Gran Canaria in the past it was so fertile and abundant of goods that it was enough to sustain almost sixty thousand souls in such a small space of land, without any help from another place. … Continue reading The Origins of Gran Canaria