Adventure to Veneguera Beach (West Coast, Gran Canaria)

Talking about wonderful places that you can visit in Gran Canaria, it's mandatory not to forget about Veneguera Beach. Soon you'll discover why this beach is my favorite too, first on the top 10 of the best sea places here. Let's start with some tips: On the weekend it's common to have more people in … Continue reading Adventure to Veneguera Beach (West Coast, Gran Canaria)

Roque Nublo – Agaete (the Lakes Road)

This route is absolutely one of the most precious of the island of Gran Canaria. I decided to start from Roque Nublo, the sacred rock that we have in the exact centre because it's a well-known place, and it's so easy to arrive there from every point of the island, from north to south. Several … Continue reading Roque Nublo – Agaete (the Lakes Road)